Everyone Punches And Takes There Anger Out At Me

 Ever since i was in 3rd grade (im in 5th now) i have been yelled at... by everyone... now im in fourth grade and im 13 and now my "friends hit me and steal my stuff. and my brother calls me a ***** a ***** and a dipshit because he wanted a brother. all my parents ever do is yell at me and i have a "friend" that every time i go to his house he hurts me. he has pushed me down the stairs and laughed while i was in horrible and terrible pain and i was crying too and he shoot me with air softs until i cry. he has shot me in the neck the liver my stomache both of my arms and my sides too.  he does this when his parents are around and i can never tell his mom or dad. a kid on the bus hit me in the eye and when i told the teachers they didnt to anything! i ask god and jesus everyday why am i the punching bag im sore EVERYWERE I need help please (p.s there is more but i cant remember everything)   

XxpunchingBagXx XxpunchingBagXx
May 9, 2012