I Dont Do Cliches

i like to recieve gifts with actual meaning behind them or because the giver actually knows that i'd like it not because im a girl and he thinks i automatically want jewelry. like my ex bought me tinker bell PJ pants and lime green headphones the christmas before last because he knew that i loved tinker bell and green is my favorite color. now sure he did buy me diamond stud earrings but they small and subltle the way i like my jewelry. i could've lived without the earrings but it was nice that he made an effort to get things he knew for sure that i liked and didnt go overboard with the bling..
LittleChickieLaLa LittleChickieLaLa
18-21, F
1 Response Jul 16, 2010

You've got the right plan, lcll -- hope he's back with you now, it's a good sign for some of us when the nice guys win.