So- I Named The Car "diamond Ring"

I had this boyfriend for about 3 years and finally he told me he wanted to buy me an engagment ring. Yeah- it was *that* Anyway I told him, you know what- I don't need a new ring, what I really need is a car. (I was sick of riding my bike to work in the rain) So he bought a toyota tercel off his buddy and presented it to me. It was my engagment car. (For the record- we never got married but he let me keep the car)
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I love that story!!! An engagement car .. what a freakin fantastic idea. That was a great and practical thing to ask for and he was a special guy to give that to you. Your story made me happy :) The gift of transportation will get you a lot further than a ring hahahahahaa yea .. i guess pun intended .. lolol :) Yes i will be riding down the highway pondering to myself,,, here i sit in this metal box with wheels under it .. riding down the highway.. fantastic invention .. pure fantastic... great freedom .. lolol :) xox

Oh- the car worked out great! I had a much more meaningful relationship with it when it was all said and done! I freaking LOVED that car. In the end it turned out that saying good bye to that car was much harder than saying good bye to him. they say there is no love like your first love and there is no love like your first car!

Just watch, in 20 years all the girls will want engagement cars. LOL<br />
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Great story. Sorry it didn't work out for you.