"no Money, No Honey" Is Not True

       4 years ago,I met him in college .After 2 years ,We fell in love, after graduation,we got married last year. My story is very simple, isn't it?
       Now,he gets his new job as a insurance salesman.I still prepare for an exam. We only have a little saving in the bank, living together with my mom.Life is tough for us apparently ,sometimes we fight fiercely, but I never really desperate,even when some relatives looking down on us and some friends leaving away.
        I am not very material ,though I do know the importance of money.Sometimes I shed a few tears ,when the mind"What if we will be poor for ever" hit me.I am not ready for that answer.I am not sure  after the exam,when I will get my job;I am not sure when will he get  high payment;I am not sure after the difficult time, we will still be together or apart...On our small wedding ceremony, he promised,"Mother-in-law,let me take care your daughter for the rest of her life."I don't know if we will live happily for ever or not .Poverty hurts our love.
        Life is not easy, marriage life all the more so,all we can do is keep moving.He is trying to give me a better life, I should do something too.Honey ,I love you even you without money.
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Till now, I am schooled in the way of the world.<br />
I am trying to be self -help.If I stop blaming everything and everyone but myself, and do something,it helps us overcome the trouble we have.Sharing weal and woe ,easier said than done.That's the essence of marriage.