A Tad Different

I am NOT a roses and diamonds kind of girl. Luckily my boyfriend is not the foliage and mineral giving type.
Our first date: A rock concert, What happened the first night he could stay over: Hannibal Lector movie marathon.
Yes its not the classical cliche movie romance, but its fun and WAY more interesting :)
vegecullen vegecullen
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3 Responses Dec 10, 2011

"Luckily my boyfriend is not a foliage and mineral giving type" is probably the most awesome sentence I've read today ^^

Im so glad you approve :D

My answer when given diamonds : why didn`t you just gave me cash and save time ?

Great way to start life in the romance department. Roses and diamonds are way over rated. My favourite first date, was so much fun. We went to a Chinese take out place, and then we took our food to a playground (ten at night, no children) We ate and played on all the playground equipment, ( way more things in playgrounds back then) Then we ate some more and swung on the swings and watched the stars. We built sandcastles in the sand box. (there used to be real sand in sand boxes) Four hours at a playground, and this is what I remember as being the best date ever.