It's odd to classify a person based on their preference for flowers or minerals. But I guess it's meant to state that a sort of "class" or "style" associated with those things.

I'm a daffodils and specular hematite type of girl. What does that say about me? That I like quick-growing flowering bulbs, springtime, and inexpensive seasonal blooms, maybe. Or that I'm a geologist and eschew rocks that have "expensive" and "high maintenance" associated with them. I like opals too, which are higher maintenance, but that's not the same inference as there is with diamonds.

I'm also a cheapskate, and feel uncomfortable when someone spends a lot on me for flowers which will die in under a week, or a stone that could have been mined on the blood and sweat of overworked laborers. Quite frankly, the right man could present me with dead leaves and concrete, and it could be charming.

That said, though I never asked for them, I do have diamonds -- they are very distinctive and very noticeable. They cause envy and awe for their size and setting. Men ask me not to wear the stones around their girlfriends, because they'd never be able to afford such a thing. Women stare at them surreptitiously and wonder what's so special about me to warrant such gems. No one ever assumes I acquired them on my own steam. The same cannot be said for garnets or opals.

People occasionally have roses sent to me at the office, and there are squeals from women and they all want to know who sent them. They talk about the colors and what the "real" message is behind the yellow roses, or the pink ones. Men roll their eyes, thinking he must be in trouble with me, to warrant such a public, showy gift in such a public place.  They assume it's from a lover, not my boss, my parents, or friends.  It's shameful to have to ask them not to send me flowers at the office.

I've seen other women receive diamonds, and they run out and show it to everyone and anyone, so proud and smug. But ... what about the guy? Is he good? Is he noble? No one asks -- they just want to see the rock. And roses make women preen in front of others, sighing with delight at such a public display of apparent affection.

I've seen what these things do to people, and that's why I'm not a diamonds and roses type of girl.
auroramaru auroramaru
46-50, F
Mar 22, 2012