More Than Just Accident Prone As A Reason

I know I'm young to be saying this, but I have never thought of roses and diamonds as something I would want. Sure, they are pretty and all, but they are lacking in the area of originality, something I tend to be very fond of. Plus, I am not good at holding on to things, so a diamond would most likely be a waste of money, seeing as how I would figure out a way to drop it out a car window. It has happened before, but I managed to find the ring. Roses die. I want something worth remembering. And I like lilies a lot more than I like roses. I am not girly-girlish, and I would much rather prefer a video game or a good book above roses or a diamond. I know that it's symbolic and all, but I'm not one to be indirect, and symbols are just that.

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
I really don't like diamonds,
A classic [book] will do.
ISayDucky ISayDucky
Mar 27, 2012