I Don't See the Point!

You see, diamonds and roses are nice, and all- but that's just not who I am. You could give me diamonds and I probably wouldn't wear them. I am in between girly and tomboy, and I just don't get flattered by those types of things. I could really care less. But if you were to come to me with a sweet band t-shirt, or a Captain Planet t-shirt, I'd be your best friend.

Karley Karley
18-21, F
4 Responses Oct 25, 2008

Do your Myers Briggs, the loooong questionaire here, it's the Jung+Enneagram (108 questions)<br />
<br />
http://similarminds.com/embj.html <br />
<br />
I bet you're an I x x J<br />
My guess is INFJ.

I think a Captain Planet tee would be an amazing valentines day present :D<br />
Personally I think flowers and such are cliche.

Exactly! Any guy could give a girl roses, but if they thought deeply about it, and tried to show you how much they cared....that is what really gets me.


What are we supposed to do with roses? They last like 2 days. I'd rather have something that took time to come up with. Something some thought was put into.

Oh please you always say you don't want this and that but when you don't get it, you get mad about why he didn't give it to you.