Flowers... and Tanzanite Instead

I've decided that if I were to get an engagement ring I would prefer a tanzanite to a diamond.

When it comes to flowers I prefer irises, lilies, tulips and orchids over roses.

GoddessNakiBean GoddessNakiBean
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3 Responses Feb 9, 2009

Shierke *smiles*, I think a wedding band is supposed to be plain as I believe it symbolizes your lives together... a clean slate to etch your memories into! <br />
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kylae77, *grinning broadly* I'm not too much a rose girl either. I prefer potted plants as they keep giving flowers or fruits... even better! *giggling* If a guy was to give me roses I hope they are already in the vase with water!<br />
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I actually would prefer a bracelet or a pendent instead of a wedding ring! I don't like rings much at all!

i dunno why - i don't care much for roses - maybe because they're a bit cliche to me - lol, but i understand the romance of getting them!! maybe if the right guy gave them..... but all i want is a super fun, great relationship....w/ friendship & great chemistry and working together on things....i son't care about anyhting else. <br />
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i always thought it would be fun to get a cracker jacks box ring for a wedding or maybe some bloak will come a long with a big diamond and i will

my wedding band is plain white gold- because that's all i wanted... i wanted something that would symbolize my marriage, not get caught in my hair and give my heart attacks about losing. My favorite stone is semi-precious (Amber) and my favorite flower is the Stargazer lilly..<br />
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but i do still like roses :D