roses are dead if you cut them and give them to someone. And diamons cause huge problems in Africa. I don't want death on my hands in either situation.

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http://www.wikihow.com/Replant-a-Rose<br />
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Seriously, it's possible to replant it. You fail to see the connection between ridiculously small wages and fighting. People are desperate. Poverty is the cause of conflict over diamonds. Only about 3% of diamonds come from conflict areas in Africa. And I didn't mean just Coca cola, but all the child labor factories. Africans earn 2$ a day, but some of them would starve to death without it.

You can not replant a rose. Do you even know what someone means by "giving roses"? you cut them off from their roots. Yes, they are dead. Potted plants are fine.<br />
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I have no idea why you think 10% of people would die if Coca Cola went out of business? That is not true. <br />
I was not talking about Africans being paid wages too small, I was talking about actual murder and conflict over diamonds that happens in Africa.

Well, technically they are days from being dead, if you put them into water and try really hard, you could plant them and they will grow again XD<br />
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And true, Africans are paid hyper-minimal wages, but coca cola and a few shoe companies aren't that bad either. Obviously, they are ripping them of, but they are greatly improving/saving their lives with that miserable 1$ salary. <br />
You could say they are jerks all you want, but without these jerks, another 10% of the people there would be dead by now.<br />
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So, what if someone gives you a plant, soil included, is that ok? XD