No Roses Or Diamonds

I have an unusual view of this. Because of my personal beliefs I still till this day refuse to wear diamonds because of an article I read when i was 15, I read about a company that minds diamonds in a foreign land use (or have once used) children to place dynamites into the minds.  Some children lost their limbs or lives. I don't know if this still is going on or what, but to be in the safe side, I refuse to wear them. Some diamond mining companies have claimed proof they don't use children for their mines.

As for roses, I'd feel guilty to be responsible for plant life to be lost because they were taken from their vines and made into a bouquet. I know I have a weird view of this!


Azoru Azoru
3 Responses Mar 25, 2009

I too am not a Rose or Diamond person. I have nevrer liked diamonds, I like roses, but if I am to recieve flowers I would much prefer a bouquet of wild flowers.

OH! You guys are right!

i agree, if you don't prune the rose bushes they will not produce any more flowers. The stems on the roses only last for until the flower falls off. Then it becomes a hinder until nature does its work to blow it off by a large storm. Why not give her a helping hand and cut it off while its pretty.