Saint...or Sinner?

I am no saint......don't be fooled by the username, an angel in name only......a nickname I have carried for a while.

I have done things I am not proud of, I think everyone has. I tend to wear my heart on my sleeve and I say what I think. I think everyone has an element of saint in them....but is anyone truly a total saint? Most people have skeletons in the closet, waiting to get out lol.

I would say in my professional life, I very much play the saint card. I work hard, I get things done on time, I do what my boss asks without arguing or questioning things.

My personal life, there is an element of saintly behaviour......but I have to admit, it is the time when my inner devil just has to break free and I have to do something naughty....

I can't help it....I guess it is just my mischievious side.....but a saint all the time....where is the fun in that? It doesn't hurt to let your inner bad girl out to play sometimes.................
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1 Response Sep 17, 2012

I would need your definition of saint. Church seems to say you should stay home take care of family blah blah but then they make a saint out of someone who abandoned their family and children to walk in the desert for 40 years and finally talked to god!

Bad girl? is that like a girl who likes sex, likes caring about people and enjoys pleasure?

Because that to me is a real saint.

Cobwebs between your legs does not make you a saint. IMNSHO