Not Even Close

no miracles, no exceptional service to God or my fellow man - I'm pretty much just working on being a decent guy who leaves a positive impact.  Its nice to believe that there are saints out there - its pressure-free to know that I'm not one of them

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2 Responses Jun 3, 2009

Yukon Pete I am commenting------------Flour!

What would give you this idea that loving the Great Spirt,<br />
pressures anyone?<br />
I have never in my life ever heard this before!<br />
To even think of such a thing,I want to a apolgize fore the person or persons who gave you,wrong information.<br />
I am certenly not a saint and would not was to be one.<br />
Try not to let people feed you,hog wash!<br />
I love people,people need all the right kinds of love.My understanding is LOVE and ENCOURGMENT that's it in a nut shell.<br />
If love is the center of your life then come aboard there is nothing else attached to this!No strings,no small print your eyes and your heart can't read or feel every day of your life.. fore the rest of your life,you are covered.<br />
Thank You, for letting me run my opinion!