Im Libra I Like Balance!

i will never be a saint...ever ever...i have sinned and i continue to sin on a regular basis. I actually enjoy doing some bad things and because of that i cannot be a saint. But i will say i have done a lot more good than some others that call themselves Christians i am not a saint but i am no devil!.

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discostick20 with a name like that no wonder you are believeing disco <br />
stevem7 which head you got on today?

lol is that a load of bull...sorry couldnt resist that taurus joke.<br />
markfree good quote!.

Taurus here, definitely not saintly.<br />
<br />
I believe it was Mark Twain who said, go to heaven for the climate, go to hell for the company.

no it is no good especially for

awww puffaluffagous it wouldnt let me watch it im in england something about copyright...the swindlers

lol....twisted you mean...

hey squigglefish...i think i can see a gold ring above my head...oops no its a smoke ring..

hey that's my song!!!! like it should be mine...well spotted analyzer....i hope i get my own sin wagon...could think of lots of things to do in that...:) <br />
<br />
in my sin mobile my sin mobile<br />
bobbing along in my sin mobile<br />
oh what a wonderful way to feel <br />
bobbing along in my sin mobile...<br />
<br />
haha ok it should have been gnome mobile but it's not as cool is it..ok i should stick with my sin wagon.. sons dad is one of them scorpions but my brother is a great dad and his one...theres that theory out of the window. <br />
My sons parents are scorpio and libra and my parents and his fathers were both aquarian and capricorn (i thought that was weird). ohhhh alexishappy you are another aries woooo i know two now...well sort of in a roundabout way...:)<br />
perhaps i am more of a saint than i realised now wheres that halo again...oops splat *picks herself up off the floor*...found it.

ahhh pedro...gemini...hmmm i dont know any actually my best friends at primary school were gemini and they were also twins!.<br /> saintly my halo is round my ankle with my maybe not. <br />
Aries hmmmm i dont know any of them seriously frito you are my first aries pal...i know an aries i know an aries...wooooo

Hi Hippy, I'm an Aries but I think I fit....far from perfect. It's weird, but I usually like people when I see that imperfect side.<br />
And I like you just fine.

i feel guilty for like ohh a nano scorpion libra this is interesting!

I'm on the cusp, Libra/Scorpio. I like to be naughty sometimes but then feel a little guilty...

wow this is truly something you lot...all of you who replied are either scorpio or im not sure if you are aware...perhaps i shouldnt be saying this here BUT scorpios and librans are the best love match!!!!! odd that its just us here so far...must be something in that. Oh and my son is scorpio as is my brother and my sons father!!!...just thought id mention that!

Scorpio here to .... bit of a devil ;)

Well i m a Libra too.. and think no1 can be a saint and if some1 called himself or herself a total said.... Then i m sorry i have never seen liar like `em.....