I Was Put Under a Microscope

Ok. I'm going to start writing this story but it's not very much fun and i have a headache already, so I probably wont finish it tonight. I will remove this line when I finish it.



Sh!t I go to start writing and I feel like a heavy 'lead blanket' is falling on me.

I was made to feel different and excluded for a long long time before 'they' turned up.

'they' were very interested in making me tell them things, but they would never ask normal questions.  Their favourite question was "How does that make you feel?" and my favourite answer was "I dunno" spoken whilst looking at the floor. Or silence.

I think years of being told tthat I needed to be examined so closely every week/day/few days made me feel even more like there must be something wrong with me and everything was my own fault.

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3 Responses Feb 9, 2009

Wow great start to your story or first confession ! Would love to hear more ,but that is what you wanted to hear is it not? Finsh it if I am wrong !!!!

I haven't finished writing it yet?! XD

thanks for sharing- i enjoyed