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I barely eat and if I do, I throw it all back up, I want to be thin, I want to be perfect, so why am I still a whale!?
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ur NOT a whale. alot of people have eating issues but mostly i think its just how u see yourself. i used to starve myself cause i always made mistakes an made everyone mad at me all the time. maybe u just need to adjust how u see yourself if that make sense. learn to like how u look. an if you really are larger than u like then there's always diets and fitness centers that u can join to help u. :) i skip breakfast almost all the time casue i will puke it up simply cause i just cant eat that early...maybe its something like that.

i do not think it is something like your breakfast but i am fat and even now that i finally started losing weight (i started taking diet pills to speed up my slow metabolism) i am still the biggest one and it is so frustrating. and don't starve yourself love it is not worth it.

oh thats good u can eat like 5 small meals aday it will speed up it up too but eat healthy stuff like no rice, bread or starchy stuff like that an no sodas it helps alot. i usually starve myself when my depression is bad or like before tests or quizzes at school if i eat i will puke it up when i get anxiety attack an get all shakey an stuff. im glad u taking steps to get control tho :)

anxiety sucks! i know that feel! you should find out ways to calm your anxiety, i to the box breathing, look it up if you dont know what it is.

yeah my therapist show me breath steps to do but sometimes it done work we are doing cbt now but idk it that gonna work too lol i feel so stupid when it happens too like sometimes i puke in front the whole class an 2 times i pass out after that ugh. i will look it up tho to see if it different. thx!

oh no, well that is unfortunate!

yeah, but hows ur diet going? are u exercising any like aerobic stuff? u can do zumba classes my new parents do that together i think its funny to see them doing it but its fun i tried it! u might like it special if ulike to dance oranything like that lol. oh your very pretty btw :) I think u can get to your goal an be the person u want to be. some people got to work harder at it than others but once u figure out what works for your body type then you all set!! I know u can do it. all i eat is veggies an meat an fruit it helps me cause i dont have as much stomach probs now like i did when i ate soft drinks an greezy food like mac n cheese an fried stuff ugh. but i totally believe you can do this! oh my therapist say attitude make a big difference like when im depress she say my metabolism slwos down alot so if i eat junk then i am garantee to get fatter lol sooo dont do that :)

i guess so. thanks. you do realize that you can message me... we don't have to comment back and forth on the story

sorry :/ some ppl freak out when they get pm's idk.

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