I Dont Get Out Much

ive been on break from college for 10 days and ive spent the entire time in my apartment watching netflix and reading my calculus book. I went to the public library last week and rented some movies, but i kept my headphones in on the drive there and on the drive back. went grocery shopping the following day, but I didnt say a word to anyone, not even in the checkout line.

I dont talk much to anyone. I want to talk to people, but i dont think they want to talk to me. I dont really have anything to say. I have lots of experiences, ive lived in a few different countries, durring which time i either endured or thrived.

i think im just worn down. I dont think i care enough about anyone, or anything.

i probably spend most of my time alone because im the only one who understands me.
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2 Responses Aug 15, 2011

I know exactly how you feel! I'm a senior in High School and my mom always pushes me to be more social and "get to know people and their situation", but it is literally a pain for me to talk to most people. I start getting nervous and I start figuring out how to get the he11 outta the conversation. I am always happiest at home alone. I always find that my happiest moments are when I'm at home or with my family and really close friends.

I'm mostly anti-social around other people especially at work.

If you really want to engage in some conversations, I'd recommend that next time you stop by at the library to rent "Small Talk" by Debra Fine.