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Despite I Love Words...

... and seeing them beautifully arranged with the rules each language has created throughout the centuries of its existence, I never judge people for their Grammar or Spelling mistakes, because those factors do NOT determine their intelligence, or value, or personal characteristics. You never know, when you read something with errors who is behind the writting, and it would be a terrible mistake to judge only the appearance. It is as bad as saying "I don't like to be seen with blondes", or "people wth green eyes do not sit at my table because they bother me". 
sweetmeisje sweetmeisje 26-30, F 7 Responses Jun 1, 2010

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I make the effort with my own contributions out of respect for both reader and myself, but we all miss our own tipyng and minor grandma errors - malapropisms and all - from time to time, even when the confuser underlines them in red!

Besides, these texts are intended conversationally. They are not formal reports.

I don't like excessively slangy texts, or ones so full of asterisks they look like star-maps - but will make allowances when i think the writer may be dyslexic.

Sure it is annoying to read a text full of mistakes and typos and slang! But I meant people who don't even bother to read the contents and only want to find the things that are wrong.

Oh, I know exactly what you mean there! I saw an example on another EP forum recently where the respondent asked something the OP had clearly stated - but teased him about a minor spelling mistake.

yes I see that all the time and it is more annoying than any mistake :-)

hey! thank you for the blessing and the blissing!

hehe, bless you, Sweet....or should I say, bliss yow, swat! xx

yes, asolutely

Hahaha I think rather than a problem it has become a special trait of your unique and delightful stye x

That's right, Sweet. Of course, I are blissed with good spooling and grimmer! My main problem is typos, and doing my old trick of hitting two keys at once!

Yes, I agree with you, but even in the work environment we must demonstrate more tollerance and see if the person has other talents that can be used rather than discard over one mistake. Thank you for stopping by!