My Husband Is My Dom

My husband and I are a 24/7 Dom/sub couple. We have been married for almost three years and BDSM is a huge part of our lives.
Unfortunately, this has definitely died down to almost no BDSM going on since we had our daughter.
I hope that when we get a bigger place to live maybe we can have room just for BDSM that we can keep locked so she wont see it or know about it.
We used to have a trunk of 'toys', but, when we moved we didn't have space for them. So, now we have to replace them all.
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You could get a pad lock and a large bag with two zippers which the lock can fit through. It's a little less big than a trunk and easier to hide. I'm not too good with hiding the bigger things, but good luck!

Here's an idea you might like......

Typically in bdsm it's useful to have access to a hook in the bedroom ceiling. A good way to hide one is with a smoke detector. Take out the guts and install it on a rafter......the cover on the smoke detector can work as a good disguise to hide your hook.

This isn't an answer for replacing all your toys, but it will allow you to still have some fun until you get a bigger house.

I hope you both rekindle your BDSM side

Thanks for that, it was quite handy. I know what you mean about it being more mental as I am big on the power play side of things. Thank you again for that you have given me more information then I have been able to find so cheers.

Umm, well as I am sure you know, BDSM is more mental than physical a lot of the time. So as far as my calling him Master and certain things we do, like Him not letting me ****** until he gives me permission, those things never stopped. One thing though that did change is in my 3rd trimester threw to about three months after i had the baby, I was not able to have traditional intercourse. While I was pregnant, towards the end, it was just too uncomfortable. And after the baby was born there was a risk of infection, the crazy hormones and we were just too busy.<br />
But, as far as the mental side of of BDSM that can continue. I have been breast feeding for almost two years now, so some things as far as nipple clamps are not an option. <br />
Also, because it has been quite a while since I was flogged, I know that I will have to build up my pain thresh-hold again. But, the main thing I can tell you is take it slow, be more gentle than you normally would be, definitely use safe words, and don't do any edge play (boundary pushing) until you are not pregnant any more.<br />
I hope that helps :)

If you don't mind me asking as I am rather curious did you completely stop practicing BDSM in the bedroom when you were pregnant? I also live a BDSM lifestyle and I also plan to have children. I have had a little look around for pregnant friendly BDSM techniques but haven't really found much. So I thought asking someone who has been through it would be my best bet.