Im the Same

I have never been lovey dovey n it annoys me when people are around me there is no need for it!!!

I love being with guys but i hate clingy guys! i have never been clingy as i get very bored easily n if i dont see them every second of the day it makes it more fun n passionate at the next meeting!!!

I had to dump one guy as he kept calling me everyday just to tell me he loves me! it freaked me out i couldnt cope with it!

I just like fun n exciting times with guys not all the having the same friends, in each other pocket crap, knowing everything about each other!!! its not normal!!!
sazead sazead
22-25, F
1 Response Feb 14, 2007

To most people it is normal. Maybe not to know everything about the person or call them every single day, but most people like that the other is putting an effort to be with them and cares enough to think about them. I know some people can take it out of line but some people want that. for that guy that you dumped because you thought he was clingy. Maybe you were his first or that his old girlfriend kind of trained him that way, so he got used to it and anything else didn't seem normal. It all goes back to the first few women he was with. That is why if he is with women who wear the pants in the relationship then that is what he is used to and most likely wants.