I Never Have Been Or Never Will Be

I have never even thought of this but I fit this group because I am not a terrorist.  I love people way to much.  I love having pen pals from all over and learning about their life styles and there country.  Every country has their good and their bad.  It is the stereotyping that hurts.  It is so easy to have a stereotype started.  Just from someone meeting a stranger from another country and having a bad experience with just that one person and stereotyping the rest of the people in that country as being the same way.  Stereotyping to me is as bad as being prejudice.  They are almost one in the same.  I also know for a fact that I could never take another human beings life.  I would end up in an insane asylum if I did.  I would not be able to live with myself.  I did not give that person life and it is not mine to take away.  Now I am not saying that because I gave my children life it is mine to take away.  I did not mean it in that way at all.  Of course I heard from my mother all the time girl I brought you into this world and I sure can take you out. lol  I know I have said that to my kids a couple of times.  But never meant it. 

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I would fight for anyone I love but that does not make me a terrorist.


I agree with you .. every country have their good and bad.. mostly bad are few but we do we always stretch some bad people on whole good.. .. so we should at least make little difference. other wise its really hurt.. <br />
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