No, Not At All!

I don't take pleasure in harming others or causing chaos. I never do so on purpose... and if I ever do so, indirectly, I will apologize and make up for it. :-)

I am really a harmless nut! Don't expect any trouble from...

Hey, leave that tarp alone! Erm... those aren't my explosives! I swear! Um... I'm holding it for a friend! :-o

*runs away*

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4 Responses Mar 3, 2009

No humour at all. But worse than that they are like the camp guards at Auschwitz. I used to travel every week to London and six times a year to the US. I was talking to a perosn behind me in the queue and they told me a funny story. I said" **** me, seriously". One of the kapos said" I heard a word that I don't like" and looked at me. I said to him not to listen to other peoples' conversations. Of course, my suitcase was opened and my phone and laptop swabbed etc etc. It was worth it to tell this numbwit to mind his own.

ok,I will!:P

I should believe?:P

OMG.. I HAVE to tell you about the time the rozzers caught me with some (small amount) of explosives.. and they were not particularly understanding.. hehehe! oh,.. funny times.. ^-^ <br />
I'll tell you in a bit, I have to go on a mission..