His Letter Length Is Most Pleasing To My Eye

O me! you juggler! you canker-blossom!
You thief of love! what, have you come by night
And stolen my love's heart from him?
~ Hermia, A Midsummer Night's Dream, Act III, Scene 2

C writes long letters. I like that a lot.  And the words in his chats have inspired me to bring myself to climax.  He makes me laugh.  But - and this is important - he is not mine.

He's back home now with his wife after a trip to faraway places.  He hurt his back while he was gone, as men do when they travel.  We had a good time playing online while he was in foreign lands, and I shoved any thoughts of guilt to the side to enjoy him.  But now he is back, and the missus is there, and he was online with me, and I thought about the things my friend TK said to me, about married men and not hurting their wives, and I resolved that this time I was not going to be selfish.

I wanted to tell you about all that, and I suddenly flashed on something else, a chat I had with a fellow who said he'd been in A Midsummer Night's Dream when he was a boy.  I know that play pretty damned well, having seen it about twenty times or so over the course of my life.  And that one line came to me - you know the one, about "thief of love" - where Hermia is screeching at Helena, who's done nothing wrong, but SPOILER ALERT:  Oberon's henchman Puck erroneously put cupid's potion on her lover Lysander's eyes, so that he fell for Helena.

It happens.

And I thought about one or two of the actresses who'd played Hermia and Helena and the hurt in their faces, especially in their eyes, when their lovers chased after another girl.  A good actress can make that real, but I think she has to have been betrayed by a lover herself in order to know what it feels like.  Then she draws on that and it hurts just to look at her.  TK reminded me of what that felt like the other night when he talked to me about the dangers of chasing after married men.  Even though I argued with him that the men wouldn't be receptive to me if their wives were doing a proper job of loving them, he said something that hit home.   He mentioned how my own husband had cheated with a woman, and asked "Do you have it in you to do that to someone else?  to make them feel that hurt?"

So when C began to chat with me earlier, I resolved to send him away, back to his wife.  Because it is sort of evil to keep a man online while his wife waits in their bedroom.  Even though she could come downstairs and say "hey, honey, let's make mad passionate love," many women do not do that.  They expect their husbands to initiate the mad passionate lovemaking.  But if the man is online with some horny vixen like me, he is not likely to go up the stairs because he risks rejection.  She may be tired, or have an aching something, or wish to watch television or something else.  I am always willing to play rather than watching tv, and I am never too tired or aching for sex.  At least it seems that way most of the time. 

I do not want to be the thief of love.  I am willing to give love to married men when their wives are not around, or when they are treating them coldly.  Because people need love.  God knows I need love.  Sometimes I worry that I am insatiable for love.  But it's only because I am in a limbo place right now, where I am in a marriage that is more like friendly roommates who used to be lovers but who have lost their spark.  So I try to get my needs met by man after man online, and they satisfy me like a great Chinese meal that tastes delicious and fills me up but I'm hungry again a couple of hours later.

I am trying to maintain good friendships with these fellows.  And I love their letters so very much, and they seem to like writing to me.  So I focused on that with C even as I shooed him up the stairs to his wife.

C: Hi
  How are you feeling now?
me: with my fingers
me: how are you feeling now?
C: With my palm!
me: mmmm
      I would like to kiss that palm
C: That would be lovely!
  You could make it moist for me
me: In more ways than one, buster
C: I hope you cold has not taken too much energy from you, you may need it!
me: for what, dear?
C: For me!
me: ahhhhhh
  that's different
  I have energy aplenty for you
C: Good, I need some loving
me: where's X?
  she needs to be squirting for you, darling
C: She is upstairs
me: go ravish her
C: How true
     I am in pain darling
  But perhaps I should try
  Climax produces an analgesic effect
  I'm sure I've read that
C:   I think you may be right
  I should experiment
me: DO
  I want a full report
C: Naughty
  That may be a long letter!
me: I hope it is, C
C: I am not sure I can write short letters
me: Short letters are overrated.
  Your letter length is most pleasing to my eye.
  That's funny
me: You are dilly dallying
  Go **** that woman
  Time waits for no man
  Nor does tide
C: OK, I will go then...
me: Good
  Best of luck, dear thing 
C: OK, chat soon 
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What a quandary - to please one man or appease another! What's a sexless woman to do? Follow her conscience or give vent to her lust? Your life is nothing, if not complicated.