Is It So Weird To Like Yourself

Most days I don't wear make up, or deodorant, or shave everything everyday. I'm a normal size woman. For my height I'm at a healthy weight. Reason women primp up, work out is to attract men, to be sexy. That's why I did it when I was younger. Women also dress up to impress other women. It's a competitive or/and ego thing. I find that even weirder. Then I stopped caring. I stopped getting hit on, and the now crazies and not shallow people come to me. At least they're more interesting usually. The man I'm dating now doesn't care unless I go over board and am super unhygienic. The descent men like natural women. So why the fuss? I also don't dress super feminine. Some dudes I'm sure would not bother with me. I've been told that I'm too bazar. That's fine because they'd probably only inspire homicide. Honestly I don't have many friends but I don't really want them. My parents don't like me. My siblings think i'm weird. The only time I want friends is when I'm bored. I don't like most people. So hurray for being alone and weird looking! I hope I continue to be the way I am.
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22-25, F
May 2, 2012