Im Odd, But I Like It!

Hmmm... For me I would  say I'm more a tomboy girl xP

I really don't mind getting a little dirt under my nails and i love all the violent sports ( pretty good at 'em too! ) I would rather spend the day outside, hiking, riding horses, or playing sports then be inside any day. Which is why I adore summer :] I hate feeling incapable so whenever my dad and guy cousins are doing things like ATV'ing or getting hay bales, welding etc etc ( you know "boy" work ) I always am there helping out :] This is probably because I'm the oldest of 3 daughters for my family xP so my dad needs some one to help out haha since even the dog is a girl.

One the other hand. I love dresses and high heels and little black dresses. Too bad that in this dead end hick town there's no place to wear 'em!


I would say I'm kinda odd :] But I like it that way!

ChellieG ChellieG
18-21, F
Mar 8, 2010