Ain`t No Typical Man

One thing that really gets my goat is when I get generalised as being a typical male. Yeah right!

About the only things typically male about me are the facts that I love sex & I love cold beer. There the generalizations end.

For a start, I`m the homekeeper in our family. I do the cooking, cleaning, shopping and child-rearing. And I love it!

My hobbies are reading, cooking, crafts, gardening & bargain hunting. No macho pursuits here.

I`ve always enjoyed female company moreso than male company, but having said that, I`ve met many fine men, who like myself don`t fit into a macho sterotype.

My view is that people should be looked upon as individuals, not as a gender. There is nothing hate more than being told that ``men are like this`` and ``women are like that``.

musicmad musicmad
41-45, M
3 Responses Mar 14, 2009

Hear, hear!

You sound great! And i completely agree with your last statement there! You sound like a great individual, I'm going to add you to my circle and I hope you do the same ^^

I totally agree with you! I think its great that you are for child rearing and housework. Many men do not want to split that responsibility. Notice I said "many" not "all" lol! I commend you on your honesty and I personally think there are alot more men out there like you than the world realizes. Nobody should be judged as a "whole". Like you said we are all individuals made up with different views, attributes, personalities and so on.