Something I've never understood was that if you act like a stereotypical teen of this generation, you're ridiculed by many adults.
But if you enjoy having intellectually stimulating conversations and like to converse in political or controversial topics, you're ridiculed as well.

If you do stereotypical teenage things, you're considered an ignorant, small minded tool.
But if you enjoy deep and intriguing conversation, adults will tell you that your opinions and views have no place in "adult" topics or label you as a know it all.

(By the way, I don't think I'm one of those "I was born in the wrong generation" or "I'm different than everyone else in this generation" type of people due to the group I put this in, I do not think that at all. I simply did not see a group that would fit in with the topic explained above other than this one)
RicksRightNip420 RicksRightNip420
16-17, F
Nov 23, 2015