Light Hurts Me


  If you ever have migraines you know how light can aggravate your pain. That is how light effects me most of the time.

I have Global Neurological damage, arthritis, severe Cervical Spondylosis with pinched nerves, abnormal heart readings, and frequent migraines. I live in pain.

I almost forgot. I have pneumonia now and this past week. Pneumonia aggravates all the above. Thank you Dark Goddess. My life is blessed with the abundant gifts from my sweet Holy Mother. I just wish She would take me home, as I am tired…DD  

Dewduster Dewduster
66-70, M
3 Responses Feb 28, 2009

xiaomei, yes and I had some success in the beginning. I am sure getting hit to head weekly has made it worse over all. Still fighting has been my path and a much better one then not fighting from my point of view. HA! But at least I have and still do love my live.<br />
<br />
Neurological damage can rarely heal. I have tried acupuncture and I have worked with many non medical methods. Of course I am getting old and have lived much more then I would have thought possible. I look forward to my death and I believe I have made my Creator proud with how I have coped with all challenges...DD

Thank you. I hope it comes back to you X3...DD

My thoughts are with you and I'm sending healing energy your way my friend.