Never Could Be, Never Want To Be. I Eat Some Vegies, But Most Are What My Food Eats.

I enjoy meet of all kinds.  I grow much of my own food meet, and the quality is hard if not impossible to find in any market or store.  I believe in the ethical raising and treatment of food animals.  I do not support factory farming in any form.  I don't eat meet out that is factory farmed (some restaurants actually brag about 100% grain fed beef -- that means it never saw a pasture folks).

I don't eat all meet, just the meet I like.

I don't eat white poultry -- give me the dark.  If it says "all white meet", it's not for me!  I do enjoy dark chicken, duck, etc.  Duck has to be about my favorite.

I love beef - rare to medium rare only please.

I love pork; ham, bacon, pork steak, roasts, all good.

I like fish, and a lot of other sea food.

Now, I do enjoy a salad on occasion, I love it with ham or bacon bits on it.  I do enjoy some vegetable side dishes.  As close to a vegetarian meal I usually come to is cereal for breakfast, or pasta with pesto, cheese, or cream sauce.   Overall, I'd say I eat meet at least once a day.  I have no desire to ever do without.

I've been given a few veg. meals that were ok for once in a while.  Most, just feed it to my food animals; thanks.

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Feb 12, 2010