A Vegi What? (i Moved This Story From Another Group, Just To Make A Stranger Happy

I understand why some people do it, but it's not for me.
I live On a good size ranch, and I love animals. We have horses, pigs, chicken, cows a few goats, a lot of barn cats and some herding dogs.

I feel like God put those animals on this earth for many reasons, Sometimes I like my horses more than people. Now when it comes to being hungry, there is nothing more satisfying than a big juicy T-bone. Life just wouldn't be the same with out it.
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Agree, I to like and admire even love many kinds of animals, but not all are equal, in intelligence, or have the ability to learn or accept training, not all are the same in appeal, "cuteness" etc. I prefer my pets, a cat, pigeons,and turtles to many of the obnoxious humans I have known. But this does not mean it is wrong or "immoral" to eat meat, fish or use dairy or wear leather or even fur. I love rib-eye steaks, lamb chops, cheese,chicken,duck, salmon and fish of all kinds. I have raised and butchered chickens and ducks, some say "oh how could you do that, that is so gross"! but they will eat KFC or Chicken McNuggets, or buy it in the store with out wondering HOW it got to the market.I also like to hunt and fish, and they wonder how could I eat something that I shot, or eat a freshly caught fish or crabs, within an hour of pulling them out of the water.

I'm with you Thunderlady! I love animals, like you, sometimes over people. But I definitely can't imagine no fried chicken or a juicy steak now and again! I def don't wanna think of the process of how those items get to the grocery store or watch it but I do partake! I have a friend who I recently found out is a raw vegan, I can't imagine that! Guess that means no Pizza Hut thin crust pizza?!?! Oh no!!

The Indian's defined the word "Vegetarian" as; One who could not hunt! I like salads and fruit but I got to have meat on the table.

it's cute, but that is actually a bad joke and not reality. I love a good steak as well as the next person, but let's give some true facts about the *Indians* ;-)

many Indian religions mandate a vegetarian diet. There are several scriptures banning both the killing and consumption of animals, so even if the word vegetarian had been around in olden times, it would have referred to a pious follower of Ahimsa. A hunter (even a bad one) would have been seen as a wicked and sinning individual.

If by "Indian" you were referring to Native American culture, the answer is still no. Not only was the word far from existing during the point in time when Native American culture was untouched by Europeans, but their belief system was more closely related to the present day vegetarian's than the present day omnivore's. Native American hunters held their prey with great reverence and respect, taking only what was needed from animals and using absolutely everything. They relied heavily on the land, and those who tended the crops rather than hunt were treated with great respect as well. For more information about Native Americans and vegetarianism, you may want to read this article:


Nop, I'm pretty sure it's true cause I read it on the internet.

You got that right.