Never been. Never had a gf never even had a real kiss. Also I never ********** and I don't even feel the need to. Also talking about sex makes me uncomfortable. I have wondered am I the only one. But more to the story I want to have a gf I want to dance with her,play games,go to the pool,hold hands, kiss even touch each other but I am never seem to have a need for that final step which part of me wants but part of me doesn't. I will eventually want to do it but you know not that often but I always want get close. I am afraid though that only a few girls(or none) really like that well I don't know I hope will find one someday :)
hitgod hitgod
22-25, M
1 Response Aug 19, 2014

i am the same as you never had a proper relationship or a real kiss so anything more then that has not happened either i struggle with putting myself out there to meet someone so i fool myself into thinking i'm fine being single but on occasions i really wish i someone special to share my life with.