My Choice

There were times I got involved in things that I became victims of my own decisions. I became “hostage” of situations without realizing where I got into. I have imprisoned myself in small meannesses and let people invade my privacy. I forgot I was a free person, owner of my own “world”. I was in a golden cage without being able to fly.
Life is a school with sad and painful lessons, but also beautiful and special ones. And it should not be lived in misfortune. It hasn’t been always easy for me, but I have always tried not to live in suffering and resentments. My life is too precious and I prefer to use my strength to live with happiness and peace, day by day filling it with love and joy, as if today was my last day. I knew someday the disillusions and illusions, the tears and pains would be resented memories that served as lesson for my future so I could live life in full happiness and fly again.
Each one of us has different views of life, opinions that I don’t have to agree with, but I do respect and accept. I have made my own choices…I close the door of my world to the ones who wants to hurt me, I choose the ones to be around me. I let time heal the wounds and I don’t waste my day with bad moments. I am not a victim, I say NO for the bad things. I open my heart for life, a happy one.
It is my choice.

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5 Responses Jul 13, 2010

Beautiful and wise :)

Positive thinking. :-)

you make very wise choices too :-)<br />
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you are inspiring :-*<br />
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Very insightful :)

This is a good choice you have made and a huge step toward happiness. You are a very wise and lovely woman.