Where do i start, there's such a lot to pick from..

I Am Not a  Nice Mum sometimes.

Sometime I can be impatient.  Sometimes i open my mouth before i speak.  Sometimes i'm to tired to listen properly. Sometimes i only see my side of things. Sometimes i can be mean.  Sometimes i'm unfair.

All of those times i want to kick myself up the bum.....

Tgilly Tgilly
51-55, F
18 Responses Mar 14, 2010

...And all the time were human. Cut yourself some slack.<br />

good advice..ok,cutting some slack

did that snowball get you ? i yelled out ....DUCK !!!!

hehehe... and u just throwed me some pea-sized snowball... ouch!! ^^, good thing i am not getting the kick on the butt! hehehe... (((hugs))))

How sweet.. but hows that work ? well i suppose it could.. we're both ORANGE , got 4 legs , got a tail and our first words both start with " M" LMAO

You're the sweetest mum I have.

there's nothing like it.. is there : )

Hi Tgilly,thankyou,its nice to know we are not alone.Being a mother is not easy but when those rewards come,they are millions of times better than any drug/food etc. :)

so some mountain man told me recently, : )

I just don't see you being that way on purpose. We all have those moments though...

We all have our weak points but i'm not that mad.

If you want to learn to hold your tongue and make every effort possible to be civil, just take on a group of teenagers that don't belong to you for a camping trip. You find yourself working hard to not say what you are thinking.

Hahaha, funny man : )

Don't do that. You may need that butt someday.

tillygraywriter, thank you.

I sometimes think everything that goes wrong in life and, gratefully, everything that goes right, is attributed to mothers. It is the singular most difficult occupation in the world and the most blessed. It is also one from which we may never truly retire. I once had three daughters and now I have the same three daughters and three sons-in-law and five grandchildren. And the beat goes on.

Wolfie, thanks for the spirit lift : )<br />
dreamboatgirl, thanks for clearing up my identity crisis, i was being to hard on myself. : )

I too suffer from all the above and also a mum of 4 - comes with the territory in my opinion. I have foot and mouth disease - I open my mouth and put my foot right in it!! I'm learning to have sense of humour and be easier on myself these days....hell you're a mum not a Saint!

Awareness is the first step to change. I too suffer these by not addressing things properly. I made a fool of myself last week at work getting to emotionally invested in something with an easy solution. I understand about being a mother, I had 4 kids.