person. I am not normal. I am not stable. I am ashamed of my past sins. I am alone. I am just me.

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6 Responses Mar 15, 2010

Prior to patriarchy, 7,000 years ago into the past, a woman's sexuality was not repressed. It is not you who are abnormal it is our sexually repressive society. You are experiencing the desire of the goddess manifesting through you. Your sexuality is your power and strength and it best of all it belongs to you. love and light, Stuart

You are normal from what I have read, your ideals maybe a little different but so what? People who judge others need to be judged themselves--it would be a humbling experience. We all had past sins but we can't go and erase them now instead we move on, learn from our past, and don't repeat it. I know you in the present what transpired in the past is just that.

You seem pretty stable to me... You just get irrated at -crap- just like I do...

What is normal?

Being alone is an illusion. We are never alone. In times of despair, you can truly connect with the network of humanity, and find your higher self.

Your never alone if when you think that you are!<br />
<br />
I like to think of footprints in the sand!