I think I'm the only one.

I see that 80% of the problem of people in here are because they feel lonely for not having a boyfriend or girlfriend... Or maybe because they are in love with their exes... or they have a bad husband or wife...

I'm not able to fall in love, I think I'm not capable of loving someone. I don't miss having a relationship. I don't know why people can't understand that. I don't miss having a boyfriend, I don't need one now. I'm okay being alone in romantic senses.

So, I can't help people with relationship issues... I just don't understand them... I don't believe in romantic relationships, because I don't know one that is a good one. I only know people that betray, backstab the other and are never satisfied.
As I said in here, I prefer to stay alone than being in a bad relationship, like begging for someone's love, because I would be afraid to be alone. I'm not afraid to be alone. I already am and I don't think that having someone in my life would make my depression go away.

I would like people to understand that... I can't understand them and I can't accept being humiliated only not to be alone.

I can't fall in love and I really don't want to. And I have never fallen in love, I hope it continues this way.
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Your other experiences say otherwise. Be real with yourself. I am the loner type myself and never have been in a relationship. My father told me that even birds have their own families, so why don't I? It's because I am not ready yet. You aren't ready either, but you really need to because time is a b*tch. If you really don't want love, then it's fine. Not everyone is going to find love, need love, or whatever.

Otherwise? I never talk about romantic relationships... I care to much about people (even though I don't want that anymore), but I have never loved anybody. You can see me complaining about not having friends, which is really different and it's what I feel that most and what used to make me feel really sad.
Seriously, I don't want it... Because I don't believe it, if this is the kind of thing people call love, those awful relationships, why would I want that for myself?

Well, one thing is for certain... you need affection. Most people do. If you want friendship, then maybe you want love as well because love is beyond friendship. Friends are close, but lovers are even closer.

I understand what you feel about friends. I was depressed when I went to high school and lost contact with my friends who I considered to be my brothers. All I wanted was friendship back then to fill in that hole. But you know, I overcame the need for friends upon reflecting on my life. I don't need friends as badly as I thought. It's fine to be a loner. One thing that I really need, though, is love. I can do without friends, but a woman of my dreams can make my life a whole lot better, I think... I will continue to find that woman. Maybe you are like me.

Also, I read a bit of your other experiences, and I think that you are just confused. You said that people do not love you for who you are, and now you say you can't love people. What is the real reason that you don't seek a romantic relationship? I don't know you, but I think you need to think it over. Not all relationships are awful. I saw this video of this old man and woman making out on a hospital bed after like 58 years of marriage if I recall correctly. It was very shocking for me. I couldn't believe how strong their love is after all those years.

You probably want a romantic relationship... but just with the right person.

I thought I answered this.
I don't think that friendship is beyond love. For you to have enough closeness to your lover, you need to be him/her friend. Do you know I think that friendship is beyond love? Because it's never demanding...
And no... I don't want a lover. I really don't miss it. People do, I don't. And I know this better than anyone, since it's my feeling.
Now friends, I miss someone like this in my life sometimes, not as much as I did in the past... it doesn't hurt so much, but it seems that I'll always regret not having this, but what can I do? I would depend on other people to have this, but I know that what I really want just doesn't exist, it's an utopia. So, I keep being a good friend for some people, but I could never consider them mine.
haha No... I don't think I need someone like this to feel fulfilled, I really don't. I don't believe in this kind of relationship... People overrate love and think that they can't live their lives without this romantic love. For example, I love my mother, what kind of love do you think it is? It's closer to friendship... Fraternal love is closer to friendship...
I don't think I need a guy to make me feel complete.
I am a confused person in the sense I don't know what I want! But I know what I "DON'T" want.
I don't want it because of everything I said, I don't believe it and most importantly, I don't miss it.
I can't see myself living with someone, I like to be alone sometimes and this is a problem, this was a problem with my exes.
I'm okay now... who knows in the future, but I would never believe someone would love me for real. So, I don't want to live this just because I think I need it, when it's not true.
And I prefer to be alone, than living in doubt or something similar for something that I can live without.
But I tell you, if it was something I wanted, maybe I would go for it and take some risks and get tired just as it happens with friends.

tough girl I see... how do u do it?

I'm not tough, I just have been hurt so many times (not because of romantic relationships) that I don't think that my heart gives itself the chance of welcoming something like that. I just don't believe in love and that people can love me and I don't feel the need to love anybody. Maybe if I had this problem too, I would be even more miserable than I already am.