No Worries!

I remember back when I was a kid and my mom turned thirty.  She was very depressed!  She also went through a bit of a crisis when she turned fifty.

When I turned forty, I was surprised to find that I felt better about myself than ever.  I had lost weight and was looking pretty good, getting lots of male attention.  I was comfortable in my skin for the first time in my life and I truly enjoyed that feeling.  I still do!

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7 Responses Nov 18, 2008

That's pretty amazing. We should not make ourselves to become un-necessary burden on the society. Becauase even if we use antiaging kit, it will be our inner beauty that will keep us healthy and younger.

I intend to get sooooo old that it takes 4 blue pills just to get up in the morning.

You guys are all so inspiring.

good for you! ill be 49 next month.

I am totally with you... I am fast approaching 'middle age' and there's a kind of excitement about it. I seem to remember people laballing this time in our lives as a kind of 'second childhood' - well the first childhood was a good time, so this one should be fun too! :D

Kudos to You! <br />
Even when I was a teenager I thought 40 was the most beautiful age for women. I looked at my mom, grandmother, aunts and other women and saw a strength of character and comfort with thine own self that is so beautiful. I so looked forward to being 40!<br />
<br />
I will be 50 next month and am soooo happy. I do wish I had someone to share my time with, but i so appreciate being, living, and loving myself.

Good for you! Keep up your optimism. Age is something we all have to deal with. It's better to make the best of it and find beauty in yourself at any age, despite the number.