It's not the solitude that scares me.....I just like having you there :-)

I have been pretty self sufficient for quite some time. When I decided to leave my husband in 2006 I saved pennies and dollar bills just to have some money that would cushion me when I actually left in 2007. My job allows me to provide a pretty ok life for them *phew Thank God!*

But, I do enjoy being with others immensely. Of course there are times when I like to be alone listening to music I like or watching television loudly or eating something I love.....who doesn't? However, if it were my wish to be in solitude or surrounded by someone who loves me I would choose the latter. As much as I don't need someone to complete me I still want someone there who compliments all the good things I already have.

Is this too much to ask? I hope not.......wish me luck!!!

MegJgeM MegJgeM
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I agree, good companionship, along with self love, is the ultimate pleasure; however, some of us are unlucky too often in finding that right companion and I don't mean love, just at least a mutual affection respectful relationship.

Since I left my exhusband it has been an adventure with friends and family all the way. You are right Myonis, we are, I believe seeking companionship. I am and it comes and goes.....but sustainability in companions is a blessing, whether friends or more intimate<br />
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*prays that we all find happiness in our corners of the earth*

Solitude can be a beautiful thing and it's far different than being lonely. Humans are social beings and we seek companionship. Good luck finding that perfect compliment in your life.

It's what I want too. You said it perfectly. Thank you Meg. <br />
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Meg that is not to much to ask. My story is identical to yours. I hope you can find what your looking for.