My Story.

I love life but that doesn't mean that I don't love death, see the way I view death is like the bird and the cage, the bird represents your soul and the cage represents the struggles of life, when death finally comes your "bird" is set free. Now if you understand that then good if you don't well you might want to ask some one else to explain.
Now as for the blood and cuts, I was practicaly raised in the wild so I got cut, bruised and I bled a lot of times so I just learned to just be customed to it. Broken bones, head trama, internal bleding, hole in your body, you name it and I've probably don't fear it.
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Well..I ignore it, until I'm alone with my thoughts o.O<br />
I embrace it by putting myself in situations that nobody wants me to be in, I also have a friendly fight with a martial arts master ( I lose of course), I go to fight clubs, and I exercise by pushing myself pass my limit, for two days I can't move my arms and yet I still push myself harder each time :P

I meant to add.... When we were about 14 yo my best mate & I used to slap each other on the thighs with a rular or slippers as hard as we could to see who would wuss out first & who was toughest. We once got up to 100 strokes each befoe we called it quits. Our thighs were red hot & smarting but it was a real turn on for both of us to test our pain threshold in that way. Since then Ive experienced several whippings as a method of learning self mastery & stoicisam. I learnt to cope with the pain not by ignoring it or mentally running away but by conciously feeling it & examining it so that it looses its fear factor.

If U dont fear pain how do u deal with it? embrace it?

No I don't fear pain either, if I feel it I can describe it to someone who hasn't.

Interesting that U don't fear injury. Do U fear pain?