Don't Get Me Wrong...

 I am in no hurry to shuffle off of this mortal coil but I have faced death many times in my life and it no longer scares me. It is an inevitable result of having squishy, easily broken, limited time, shells to carry us around. I refuse to believe that all the things I have done and seen and felt in my life would just cease to exist.

 I think life is about experiences and it is only around for a short time and we should try to experience as much as we can, and when the end comes we should just look at it like the biggest new experience ever.

 Please don't misinterpet what I'm saying, if your thinking about hurting yourself then seek help. I don't think suicide is ever a way out of what seems like a bottomless pit sometimes, it's just quitting and not even trying to play the game. Death comes to us on it's own terms without rhyme or reason and thats just nature of life but ending it earlier than the universe intended feels wrong in my soul and can't have good karmic consequences.

WedgedBear WedgedBear
36-40, M
3 Responses May 16, 2008

i dont karma will get me in my casket .....still very well put we must enjoy the life we have

i also agree. well said , mister bear

I agree, and very well put!