No Comeback

The dream showed many widows gathered in a field, although so open suddenly large gates appeared and started to close..she wanted to leave this place..but the door was closing..her hands they wanted to pull it open..she got up from her sleep..she must have slept while her husband was getting operated.
After he came out of the recovery room, he told that for a while he could see her trying to wake him but ..he was drifting..then she is again trying to touch him..finally she touched him and he doesn't remember anything.He is taken with high speed and he just sees light..then he wakes up..and he is in the recovery room.
Wife, " Did you get scared?"
Husband, " I did..but now I am not afraid of death..not ..will follow me
everywhere it seems." Tired he closed his eyes and slept..he was smiling.
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Jan 23, 2013