It'll Happen When It Happens

Maybe it's because I grew up in a religion that taught that there's no consciousness after death. Or maybe it's because when I can't control something, I tend to just accept it. Whatever the reason, I can't seem to work up a bit of fear of death. Of pain, sure, but that's not the same thing. I'd feel sorry for my family if I died, and I don't want to leave them at all, but when it's my time, I'll just have to go. So I enjoy every minute of life, and don't worry about whether there's an afterlife. I'll find out when I get there.

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Iusedto, I hadn't thought of that. I only spoke of fear of death for myself, when it comes to my loved ones it's another matter. My husband is in generally ill health most of the time, and we both fear he may not live to be very old. I enjoy every moment we have together because of it, but I don't know what I'll do if he dies before me. I think I would go on...but it would be hard. Part of my heart would always be empty. And as for my son...can't even think of that.<br />
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I guess there's still some fear there.

I felt this way somewhat and then my wife had a heart attack and I realized how very frightened I was. I cried, prayed, begged, asked for "do overs"......everything. She was dead a few hours later. I knew I would grieve, but I did not know that I would have so much anxiety afterward.

My grandma used to say "there's no point worryin' about death, no one gets out alive anyway". :)

I agree. There is one thing I do believe either way. There's no hell. It can be here on earth.