I Am Not Afraid Of Dying.

Yesterday, when I woke up to the stories about the terrible things happening in Japan, the words "I will die like that" escaped from my mouth.

That was when I realized that idea of the end of the world --as we know it-- became real more than ever and I didn't feel scared, I didn't worry, I didn't feel sad, I just felt acceptance and peace knowing that someday I will leave this world to go back where I really belong.

When I go still in meditation, and let the appreciation and acceptation feelings surround me, I can almost feel it, I can almost touch the invisible borderline in between this "material" world and the one where my spirit belongs to, that is when my body then becomes this big obstacle I have to surpass in order to reach the other side, but I don't regret it as I also know that I am right now I am here for a reason and as painful as this process is, I am learning along the way, for that I can only hope to realize what the real purpose of my existence is some day.

I read somewhere, I don't remember where though, that we worry too much about the concept of going to hell when living in this world means we are already in it. This strong idea echoed my mind deeply and has changed my vision of the world completely. Now I just wait patiently too see what will happen.

Might the sense of appreciation and peace of mind be present even when it seem impossible for them to make a way into our lives sometimes.
Vyctoriax Vyctoriax
1 Response Mar 13, 2011

I love your sentence - We are already in hell here on earth