Three Seconds ...

is all it takes

I timed it this morning

Try it for yourself

Do it today ... just because

Send this text ... "I love you"

Bring a smile to their face ... warmth to their heart

Three seconds of effort ... hours of lingering happiness

Now would be fine ... go ahead ... try it

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4 Responses May 15, 2012

Oh! I love this. Now if you could sort out the network issues between deepest darkest Oklahoma and London, I could give this a whirl..... BOO HOO

I love you man!

How many fingers do I have?

I have always loved those little simple things in life the best. The BIG showy stuff is always nice as a treat but it's the little things that are always around and if we pay attention to them.... we can always find a reason to smile!!

Awwww, so true, so sweet and so darn special!! ♥