I am not afraid of mature content, but I am often shocked by the sexual practices of other people. I have learned about things here on EP I did not know existed. And I often wonder if they are more of a fantasy than actual lifestyle.
Often I wonder how anyone can be turned on by some of these sexual practices, because I would never be able to get it up to follow these lifestyles. Some of them even makes me sick.
Even knowing these over the top lifestyles, does not mean I desire to see EP shut them down. But from what I am hearing from other posters on EP, EP will be doing a major "house cleaning" on November the 14th, which includes deleting account that are in violation of their posting policy. So, if you don't see me after that date, know that my short time on EP was been a pleasure and it was nice meeting all of you.
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Here, Here! I know what you mean.

It's just too bad that EP police are deleting stories...left...right ....and centre. I've had six deleted and extremely upset. Grrrrrrrr

Thank you for the warnings. Do you know if they have an guidelines on mature content or they just delete all that they receive complaints on?

They do have guidelines....mostly to "protect" the impressionable 13-17 year age range...a minority that obviously has a lot of power since they cannot be exposed to any mature content. I'm not sure if anyone complained about my stories....I wish I knew. I wrote one story that had no offending words just suggestive content....deleted! So peeved, right now...

Did they? Huh? I did have one story that had no offending words but loads of sexual innuendo. I had to post it in the comments section...still not sure why. Maybe I'll try appealing that one...for sure. Thanks ;)