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When I was in first grade, there was a Nature exhibition where some zoologists brought in some wild critters for the classes to look at. Each group consisted of only one or two classes; so that the animals wouldn't get scared. Well, being my curious, adventurous self, I volunteered to hold this enormous snake. It was one of the coolest experiences in my entire life!

At least it was until the damn snake started to wrap itself around my neck. No one noticed because at time, one of the other little kids was having a I stood on the corner of the stage, slowly turning red. I hadn't moved the snake from my neck because I was afraid that I might hurt it (of all the reasons, I was afraid to hurt a snake...I know, silly). Fortunately, one of the handlers looked back to check on me and removed the snake from my neck...and you know what, I still count that day as one of the coolest in my life!  :)

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I know! It was awesome...seriously one of my favorite memories. =D<br />
Don't talk to be about spiders though. They're just...ugh.

that is CRAZY!!! but yeah, I would totally consider it one of the coolest days haha.. ohhhhh and I AM SCARED TO DEATH OF SPIDERS TOO! It is so bad that I wont even walk down the aisles of a store if it has a spider stuffed animal!!!!

Ugh! I'm actually scared of really, really, scared.

I would think it was cool too. How many people can say they almost got squeezed to death by a giant snake? I've always liked reptiles and ****. Now spiders......

No way...they're the sh*t!

Snakes. Are. Scary.

Oh wow... that would be such a cool experience. I've had them wrap themselves all around my arm before, which is quite amazing. But around the neck... haha. That's great.

I know. You expect them to be slimy when you first see them...instead their smooth...and all muscle!