I Was Laughing...

My ex husband and I were going to pick up our son. While walking to the school a snake slithered across the street in front of us. I pointed this out to my ex who proceeded to jump back and yell. *giggling*

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2 Responses Feb 8, 2009

i once had a friend in south africa, who had a hut out in his back garden, that he kept pet snakes and spiders and stuff in there!!! he even had some snakes and stuff that are illegal to keep as pets, as they are highly venemous!!!! and i remember he had a chamelion as well, and he also had a big baboon spider that used to just fit on his hand, at least i think it was a baboon spider, it was a big spider anyway, and it ate fruit!!! lol

Hahaha. My husband is afraid of snakes (and spiders too)!<br />
I'd rather see a snake, at least I know he'd eat the rat. Now, that's what scares me!