This dark path; I can hardly see
Confusion, Absolute Insecurity
I take a step into the Abyss
No footing,
I take a little trip
Fall on my Face
crack my jaw like a whip 
It's easy to turn around,
Go back the way I came,
Its so much less dramatic
When everything stays the same
But I see a light at the end of this hallway
Like a one starry eyed surprise at night
Able to Heal my soul under this blight
And reckless repeating cycle to be undone
So I rub my temples, brush off my knees,
feel the walls with my hands,
Breathe a little at ease
And it doesn't matter how far I have to go
To get to the end of this block
Being single and moving forward
Than a second-hand on a clock.
LysanderFremont LysanderFremont
26-30, M
Jul 27, 2011