Oh yessss...... I can't and wont deny it - there is no fear for me to say out loud that I love sex. I love all sex.... the foreplay, the roleplay, the gentle passionate sex, the hot seamy sex, the raw animalistic fu**ing I just love it and need it.
Alexandra4u Alexandra4u
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you and me both!

that shows that you are a true woman that knows what they want from life!

Life's simplest and greatest pleasure

The aroma of a woman's crotch is all I need.

sing it from the roof tops sister...conjurers up wonderful visuals.

mmmmm now there's a thought... roof top sing out... maybe even naked... lol.... what do you think? would that get the message out there? ;)

I t would grab my attention... quit wonderfully I might add. Maybe almost naked...In your stalkings.... =)

I would love to see you singing up on a roof top naked Alexandra ... You've got my Vote ; ) X

Very rare that a lady will admit that she thinks the way you do.

The world is changing, I think more women are becomming aware that its alright to not just have these feelings, desires but to be able to express them openly.

Don't you rather mean "women are be *******"? ;-)

It's good that they can and so much more healthy ... Hopefully the age of repression is finally over as it's so nice to see and hear women express themselves freely xoxo

The younger women admit it, in my age group not so many would for fear of being liable

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You and me both!!..-)

mmmmmm.... another like minded person to add to my club.... lol... how are you?

Lmao yep and what a club!!

the best club ever.... endless pleasure for all members....... :)

Perfect il meet you at the back door!!

All members? Just the hard ones?

Damn glad I just got my membership for this fine sexy Club ; ) X

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I agree. There is nothing wrong with admitting it. I love sex as much as you do. And lots of it :)

Well with out we would not be here.... ;)

Well put! And so do i

Mmmmmm wish everyone would join us..... the world would be a better place ;)

Well i think i might need a nap and some blue pills first but im down to **** more ladies

sounds hot I love the way you think!

is it not in our human make up to think that way? Seem totally natural to me....

I agree but not all ladies are like that!

I know and sadly not all men think that way either... just hope the believers are not a dying race here... lol....

We must expand the Believer membership ; ) X

Somewhere between the original sin and now, our intention got lost in reli... I mean translation.

Totally natural and healthy ; ) X

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