Yeah, not anymore. I used to always want to keep from blocking people, but I honestly just do not give a crap anymore. I'm definitely not block happy, but I feel that if somebody pushes me to where I feel like blocking, I'm going to block.

Mainly the people I have blocked are ones that ask for sexual chat or whatnot and continue harassing me AFTER I said no. I feel after that point, you have no right on whether or not you are blocked by me.

I came here not to be harassed by people. I came here to get away from that ****. I already deal with that at times in real life, so **** off if that's what you're looking to do is harass me. Go find somebody that will agree to it instead of continuing to ignore my answer of no. To me, a person who does that, just reflects the real world mentality some folks have of not respecting somebody's answer of 'no'. It's disgusting.
JadedDivinity JadedDivinity
1 Response Aug 23, 2014