I Don't Give A F-uck!

I am soooo ready to die anytime. I can die now and don't really care how I would die. Some people are afraid of the process of dying or the way they die while I am not afraid at all because I know that all the pain would be over. It would be much better than living because you would not know when the suffering would be ended. I hate waiting...pretty much just want to exit right away.
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2 Responses Jun 12, 2011

If only that were true but, it's not. You're in a car with your friends and there's a crash. Let's say your friends die instantly but, you live. Maybe you're paralyzed and in a wheelchair for life. See where I'm going?
I got cancer when I was 25. I was told I had a 2% chance of living. I fought because I had too many things I wanted to do. I now live in crippling pain from Rheumatoid Arthritis which I got at 43. I'm now 60.
And, I still fight for I have too many things left to do. Enjoy yourself now because you'll wake up tomorrow and wonder how are you 60 years old? You were just 21 yesterday.

lose yourself in life and it will come quicker than you think.